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Submitted to me by the lovely :iconlanafan: Lanafan 
LinksHetalianSheikah , If you want to expand your vocaloid knowladge.

1. Hi! What's your name?

Hi, I'm Maddy!

2. I see, say, do you like VOCALOID?


3. Well, I do !

That's cool

4. Who are your Top 10 VOCALOIDS ?

1. Kagamine Len
2. Gumi
3. Kaito
4. Kagamine Rin
5. Megurine Luka
6. IA
7. Hatsune Miku
8. Lily
9. Meiko
10. VY1

5. What is your favorite producer ?

I like, Giga-p, HoneyWorks, Jin and Neru.

6. I prefer male VOCALOIDS, what about you ?

Eh, They're alright.

7. So, how did you come across VOCALOID?

Well they kept associating this song with HetaOni... So my first was Miki.

8. Do you have any of the vocaloid, and have you used them to make your own song ?

I do not own one. ((sadly enough))

9. Ever been to a VOCALOID concert?

No, but the closest one to me is in LA

10. What are you favorite 3 songs at the moment?


11. What vocaloids appearance do you like the most ?


12. what's your fav Kagamine Len song ?

13. What about our all famous diva, miku ?

13. Do you find youreself liking covers more then vocaloid originals often ?


14. Do you own a Fanmade vocaloid/utauloid ?


15. Any vocaloid you really dislike ?

I can't seem to stand Miki.

16. Have any nendoroids?


17. Do you have any other Vocaloid related 

I have keychains of Miku and Rin. I also have A Hatsune Miku, Akita Neru and a Megurine Luka plushie

18. Are you more into the songs with deeper meaning, the dark-ish songs or the happy, cheerfull vocaloid songs ?

I like both, actually.

19. I keep switching questions, sorry. Is there any vocaloid that lags originality in voice/appearance ?

I would say Meiko and Gakupo.

20. What about the haters around Miku ?

I don't know.

21. Are you okay with some of the vocaloids being private ? ( for example galaco )


22. Rinxlen otp ?

ehh... It's cute.

23. Im out of inspiration xD. Are their any songs you really cant stand to listen to ?


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Armin Page Doll by nyharu <--- MY BABY Len Page Doll by nyharu

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