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Everything was so dull. The world was a mix of white, grey, and black outlines. Nothing outstanding, just blobs of nothingness. Your mother kept telling how excited she was for you to see the world in its full beauty, and would  always set you up on play dates with the oter children, boys and girls alike, just to get you to see the world in full glory, but  to no avail.

Schools did teach color, but it was a very tough subject. Though some kids gained the ability to see color by meeting "the one they're meant for" but never to you. Now here you are 27 years old and living in New York because of a stupid job transfer. To make it worse, it was close to new years and the streets  were packed with  tourists from all over the world, and your work happens to be close to the middle of all the action.

"This sucks..." You mumbled getting prepared  to fight your way home.

"Yo, (f/n)! Nice work today!" Your coworker, Hanji, waved to you, to which  you waved back with a small smile gracing  your features.

As you took a step outside, you immediately started  speedwalking home to avoid as much crowd as you could.

Not paying attention to the ground, you tripped on a crack on the sidewalk but was caught by a random person.

Thats when it happened. Tje lights weren't just different  shades of white and grey, they were yello and purple and the whole spectrum you learned about in school.

You turned  around to see who your saviour was.

Boy was he handsome.

"Eren Jäger." He blurted a slight red tinting  his cheeks.

You chuckled making his cheeks a darker red. "(F/n) (L/n)." You said taking his hand and shaking it.

His eyes were such a beautiful green.
Monochrome (Eren x Reader) Modern soulmate AU
This crappy little thing is to get my mind of an even that happened recently. I hope you enjoy!

  • On your 18th birthday, the first word your soul mate says/said to you will be tattooed on your wrist
  • You have a timer on your wrist that counts down to the moment you meet your soul mate. Your soul mate will have the same exact time on their wrist.
  • Everything is in black and white... Until you meet your soul mate. The everything turns colorful... until your soul mate dies.
  • Everyone is born with heterochromia. Your right eye is your real eye color and your left eye is your soul mates eye color.Once you find you meet your soul mate and realize their left eye is the same color of your right eye, both pair of eyes will be matching.
  • Your soul mate's name will be on your wrist right after you are born. You will always no the name of your soul mate.



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Cute and sweet, and most gentle of all uke, whips and chains are not for you - you just want someone to love you. You are often spotted in candy shops wearing furry kitty ears, where you are sure to be noticed by the Romantic Seme, whose protective instincts will kick in and will only want to take you home and love and protect you. And you, of course, will be more than happy to spend the rest of your life baking cookies for your seme.

Most compatible with: Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

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