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The fatalism that goes around in circles.
Wherever it leads us. Let's dance with me.
A prisoner of love and desire who is obsessed with insane love.

A woman who has no luck is crying in front of luxury coffin.
They say that a man who loved by you will be cursed and end up dead.

I will hold your skinny fragile hand while you're weeping. Let a gentle prince comfort you.

Do you want to forget?
I see... then why don't you ask me for more? Drown in corrupt grief…

Go around and around. Wherever the fatalism leads us.
In the marrow of my desire, I suck it dry till there's nothing left. Let's dance while chained in prison of insane love.
Round and round.

You try to fill your heart with replaceable love.
Your heart is filled with scars.
Nothing can make you satisfied.
A prisoner of love and desire.

Fame, status, wealth, and perfect appearance.
As a prince, I have everything.
But I am cursed to never get something I really want.

Tonight, another coffin is brought.
I hear you weep.
There're so many coffins that I can't tell who's who.

Unfortunate lost of love has been repeated.
Is this your inevitable fate?

Go around and around. Wherever the fatalism leads us.
In the marrow of my desire, I suck it dry till there's nothing left. Let's sing while chained in prison of insane love.
Lulu... Lulu…

You try to fill your heart with replaceable love.
Licking each other's wounds.
Ah, did it make you feel a bit better?
A prisoner of love and desire.

Each time you fall in love.
Those men you had loved ended up dead.
Ah, I feel sorry. Ah, I feel sorry...
Let me comfort you…

But here's something I don't get.
You cry again and again.
You still won't stop looking for another…
What makes you that sinful...?
Don't you think it's enough?
Don't you think it's about time to give up?

The fatalism that goes around in circles.
Wherever it leads us. Let's dance with me.
No matter how much you want it to, a happy ending that you're waiting for won't come.

Have you realized that your tragedy is intended?
Oh, who would do such a thing...?
... No, no... none would.
It's a curse, right?

Today I wield the fatalism again.
And my hands are covered with blood.
I make myself guilty to get chained in prison of insane sadness.

Less, less, am I heartless?
Am I being paranoia of a broken heart?
Now, if you want to reverse the curse, hurry... let it end... with your hands...
With your hands... hurry...
Come on, come on, now, ah…

A woman who has good luck is laughing in front of luxury coffin. They say that a man I love will be cursed and end up dead♡
Prisoner of Love and Desire [ENG Translation]
SO! Hitoshizuku x Yama recently released a song I really really like and I thought I'd share it with you!

Music & Lyrics: Hitoshzuku x Yama
Vocals: Kagamine Rin & Len
46 deviations
I just love otome games~! I'll list my top five and fellow fans can tell me theirs~!
I'm always open to suggestions~!

5. Hatoful Boyfriend originally by Pigeonation Inc and re-released by Mediatonic

This hilarious visual novel wear you date birds of all species. But, there is a thought provoking plot and reasoning why you attend an all bird school and why birds talk and all that jazz. 

"Hatoful Boyfriend is set in an alternate version of Earth in which sapient birds have seemingly taken the place of humans in society for reasons that are hinted at, but not fully explained in the dating simulation portion of the game. In Bad Boys Love, it is revealed that Hatoful is set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future—in which a pandemic of a deadly, mutated strain of the H5N1 virus, or bird flu, nearly wipes out mankind in the year 2068. The release of a counter-virus, cultivated to destroy the virus' avian carriers in a desperate attempt to stop the spread of the disease, ends up backfiring as birds who resisted the counter-virus instead developed human-level intelligence. War soon breaks out between the newly uplifted birds and the remnants of humanity, resulting in birds emerging as the planet's new dominant lifeforms as humans continued to succumb to the disease. By the year 2100, total human population has dwindled to 140 million virus-resistant individuals from a pre-outbreak height of 10.2 billion in 2068; following several terrorist attacks by a human insurgency, all remaining humans have been forced to live in the wilderness away from civilization in a form of apartheid-like segregation.

Most of the game's story takes place primarily at St. PigeoNation's Institute —a bird-only high school located in the fictional Japanese town of Littledove Hachiman City—long after open warfare between humans and birds has ended. Society has adjusted to the avian conquest, though with minor bird-related cultural changes—for example, while some holidays such as Christmas and Tanabata are celebrated much as they are in the present day, a major event in the game is Legumentine's Day, an amalgamation of the traditions of Valentine's Day and Setsubun. In a more grim case, the terms war dove and war hawk have been re-purposed as labels for two opposing political factions divided over the ongoing mutual hostility between birds and the human minority: the altruistic Dove Party, who advocate for cooperation and peace between the two groups, and the militant Hawk Party, whose goal is to exterminate humanity altogether. By the time Hatoful Boyfriend '​s narrative begins, the Dove Party, the Hawk Party, and their respective schools of thought dominate much of the world's politics." (Description from Wikipedia because I suck at explaining stuff)

Available Routes: (First then last name)

Ryouta Kawara

Anghel Higure

Nageki Fujishiro

Yuuya Sakazaki

Kazuaki Nanaki

Shuu Iwamine

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya

4. Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You by Cheritz

It's not Japanese, it's actually Korean! This story follows a girl named Heejung who is currently attending college.

"Heejung is a 21 year old girl who pushes herself to be perfect at everything; yet she realizes that she does not know what she really desires.

Although she lives a hectic life, she feels like she is on the road to nowhere. However, one day she encounters mysterious animals and decides to take them in. She doesn't yet realize that this will radically change her life…"

Oh, by the way the boys are bunnies and cats!

Available Routes: (in the order I played them)







3. Shall we date?: Angel or Devil by NTT Solmare Corp

You have seven days left to Live! and Angels, Demons and Reapers are after your pure soul! Can you fall in love within this week...? ((that's pretty much it.))

Available Routes: (in the order I played them)

2. RE:ALISTAIR by Sakevisual

Image result for RE:ALISTAIR

You're just a normal girl into MMORPG's and then one day, a random player by the username of Alistair takes your final kill hit and takes your rare item! You need to find him and take vengeance!

Available Routes: First then last name (username)
Travis Wright (???)

Shiro Takayama (FionaWings)

Derek Nevine (Alistair)

1. Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall by Cheritz

Your default name is Eri (but you can change it) and you collect Ball-jointed dolls. One day, your dolls gain human forms and come to life. Who do you love?

Available Routes: (in the order I played them)







What is you favorite otome game?


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