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Your opened the box and gasped at what was inside.

It was a Switzerland hetaloid.

You could barely hold back the smile forming on your lips. In fact you didn’t even hide it, a wide, joy-filled smile graced your features. You thanked your parents profusely, not hiding the excitement and joy from the present they have given you.

Afterwards, you opened the rest of your presents from your friends and sliced your cake. After that all your friends started to filtering out one by one. The last to leave were your parents.

“Are you sure you’re okay on your own?” Your father asks, placing a hand on your shoulder making eye contact with you. His eyes made it obvious that he was very concerned about you.

You giggled softly. “Yes dad, I’m fine!” You gave him and your mother a peck to their cheek to follow your response. They said reluctant farewells as they left.  You sighed as you turned your gaze to the box placed in the middle of you living room.

You opened the said box that contained your new hetaloid and inspected the other contents that were in it. You noted that the first thing visible other than the hetaloid was a rifle. Great. You also noted that you will need to go clothes  shopping for him as soon as you could since he only had one outfit. There goes your paycheck for the month.

Now the issue was activating the Swiss hetaloid. You really didn’t want him pulling the gun on you during activation, but you don’t want to offend him by taking away his gun. You decided to gently nudge him awake.

“Hey,” you say in a hushed tone, gently shaking his right shoulder. His eyes snapped open immediately causing you to jump back in shock.

His emerald eyes stared at you for a long while before he decided to open his mouth. “Are you my owner?” He asked with a very powerful tone, treating you as if you were an intruder in the house.

“Y-Yes.” You stuttered weakly to answer. He stared at you again, his cold gaze freezing you in place before he stepped to you and offered a hand to which you accepted.

“You can call me Vash.” He stated, letting your hand go quickly.

You smiled softly at his way of trying to show hospitality. “(F/n).” You reply with a slight chuckle, making Vash’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink. You could tell there wasn’t going to be a boring day in your life for a while.


It’s been exactly two years from when you first met Vash. You’re friend had gotten a Liechtenstein hetaloid shortly after, you two pairs would meet quite often so Vash could check on the small girl named Lily. It is now your birthday again. Though you were out of town for the month along with your Swiss hetaloid.

Right now, you were visiting your parents for the week since you didn’t see each other often and insisted you stopped by for the week of your birthday. You agreed and now you’re just sitting on your parents sofa watching television while Vash insisted on going shopping with your parents leaving you alone… on your birthday.

You groan in boredom as you channel surf as there is nothing good on and eventually turn off the television. Why were you left alone on your birthday?! The situation saddened you. Especially after how you and Vash had gotten so close after the time you’ve spent together. You noticed that he smiles more often around you and openly tells you his thoughts when he wants to. It warms your heart to think that you have made a close friendship with said man.

Though recently, you have noticed that your heart racing a bit whenever he’s close to you, and how your cheeks heat up at the slightest compliment he gives you.  You’ve been thinking that you just want more than a friendship.

“(F/n)!”  A loud voice broke you out of your thoughts. It was Vash. “I’ve said your name five times now. Learn to pay attention.” He lectured. Vash was like this sometimes, lecturing on your negative behaviors. He was like a doting brother almost.

Flustered, you rub the back of your head, blushing out of embarrassment. “Sorry, I was thinking.”

“Thinking?” He repeated.

“Yeah.” You exclaim, moving your (h/c) hair out of your face. “About how long it’s been since we met.”

After a long silence, Vash spoke. “I see…” His cheeks were pink.

“Where are my parents?” You asked. He left with them, so why didn’t he come back with them?

“They said they wanted us to ‘have alone time with each other.’” His cheeks grew a darker shade of red at your parents implication, and yours did too.

Suddenly, a velvet box was shoved your face. You looked to Vash confused, but persistently shoved the box to you.

You gently grab the box and open slowly and let out a gasp once you see what was inside. I was a lovely (birthstone) heart necklace, with a photo of you and Vash together inside. The said man was now the shade of a tomato and made sure to keep his gaze away from you.

Feeling something carved on the back, you turn the pendant over and gasp at the words.

I love you

You look to Vash, who looked like he just wanted to vanish from existence at the moment.

“Vash…” You exhale. Vash inhales sharply, closes his eyes tightly, and prepares for whatever answer you were about to give him. “I love you too!” You said before locking your lips with his.

Vash was to shocked to react for a moment before he returned your kiss, except with a lot more passion, maybe even a little tongue. You pulled away catching your breaths before you met each other halfway again, but this kiss being way more passionate. You pulled away and rested each other forehead on the other and exchanging loving smile between the two of you.

“Happy birthday,” Vash remarked before pulling you in for another passionate kiss. What a happy birthday to you indeed.
Hetaloid!Switzerland x Reader
AYYY ANOTHER INSTALLMENT IN MY HETALOID SERIES!!! I can't believe it's almost over. I only have thirteen more and this series is over! TTATT I don't want this to end so soon!

Thank you so much for reading!

Story (c) :iconhetafan123:
You (c) You
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

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