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March 15, 2013
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You open the box, and gasp at what's inside.

It was a China Hetaloid.

You squee just a tiny bit and then thank your parents a million times. you automatically go for the manual on how to activate it.

your face dropped, on the ONLY way to activate it.

“Well, what are you waiting for, ______?” (Friend #1) asked.

“Yeah, go ahead and activate him.” (Friend #3) said enthusiastically.

You shake your head slowly. “not with this many people around.” you said. face not faltering even a tiny bit.

They all eyed you with a weird look that you couldn’t describe, but they all continue with the party anyway. After the party, everyone left, just leaving you and your unactivated hetaloid. you sighed and took you hetaloid to the basement, where there was a lot of space.

Once you got him situated you got ready for the activation.

oh god, this is going to be embarrassing ...then you screamed the activation words,


yep, that activated him. he came- no jumped out of the box wielding a wok in one hand and a ladle in the other. then he turned to you.

you flinch a little, because he’s technically holding weapon. His expression soften a bit when he saw you.

“Sorry if i scared you, aru.” he apologized. you turned red from embarrassment

“o-oh no, i-it’s fine...” you said, turning a darker shade of red.

“My name is Yao Wang.” he said holding his hand out.

“I’m  ______ ________.” you said shaking his hand.

~*timeskip of pandas*~

Its been seven months since you got Yao, and you haven’t seen his hair down even once. that made you curious of what he looked like without a ponytail in his hair.

you were sitting on your couch waiting for Yao to come home with groceries. he said he was going to make dinner tonight, you knew he made great food, so you didn’t mind at all.

ring! ring!

your phone rang out of pocket.

“hello?” you answered.

“hey sweetie~! how are you~?” your mother said in a really happy voice. you chuckled lightly.

“I’m good mom, how ‘bout you?” you said calmly.

“I’m great~! i just wanted to see how my sweet daughter and her hetaloid are doing~.” your mother said.

“well i already told you i’m doing fine,” you said. “and you missed Yao, he went out for groceries a little while ago.” you said. little did you know that there  was a certain someone listening in to your conversation.

“so have you told him have felt about him yet?” yes your mother knew about your crush. you loved almost everything about him. his love for cute things... that was just too cute.

“no. i haven’t.” you said.

“You haven’t what? aru.” you heard Yao say from behind you.

You turned around shocked. lost from words.

“Oh, Is that yao~! can i speak to him please~?” your mother says.

“sure.” you simply say. then you hand Yao the phone. he talked to you mother for a good five minutes before hanging up. you looked at him. was he... blushing? no. he couldn’t be...

“_________,” he suddenly said.

you looked at him with a confused face.

“Yes, Yao?”

“Your mother said that you wanted to see me with my hair down... is that true?” he asked.

you blushed, but nodded quickly.

“yes,” you replied. “i would like that very much”

he sighed. “close your eyes first, aru.” he said shyly and quietly.

you obeyed and closed your eyes. after a few seconds he asked you to open them again.

when you opened them, you saw the most adorable Yao ever, his hair down with light blush.

“D’AWWW~! YOUR SO CUTE~!” you said. but that wasn’t all, you gushed over how cute he looked with his hair down.

“Aiyaa... _____, i don’t think it’s that cute...” he said with his blush deepening.

“But, i do.” you said, giving a tight hug. Yao just blushed harder (if possible).

“__-______,” he said looking at you.

“hmm?” you hummed. but you were quickly interrupted by soft lips placed on yours.

you were shocked for a second, but melted into the kiss. it was a sweet and gentle kiss. perfect.

you pulled away for and rested your forehead on his.

“wo ai ni” he wispered.

“I love you too Yao.” you said before kissing him again, but this time a little more passionatly.

He pulled away with a different look in his eyes. “wanna take this somewhere more private?”
I'm sorry if this is a bit short. ^^'

i own nothing but the plot of this story.

you (c) :iconsexychinaplz:

Intro: [link]
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:iconaiyaplz: <(HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN HERE!?)
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Um. Yes?
HotaruKikiro Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Were in a room alone, I'm fine here, but if you insist-
*gets dragged upstairs by yao who is looking at me like I'm made of bacon and candy*
XD Oh god RUN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE DUD/DUDETTE!!! *door slams* Too late Q-Q I'm so sorry!!
NikoKarma 6 days ago  New member
(Oh don't mind me, just go watch a video or something with headphones involved)
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Great story ! It made me go like this...  Eek--A Spider 
EvilAngel3 Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes. Yes I would like to take this somewhere private. :iconheavynosebleedplz:
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