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February 18, 2013
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It was your birthday. one of the best days of your life. What you've been asking for though, was a Hetaloid. But, you didn't know which one you wanted, there was to many to pick from.

They were the most popular things of the century, some of your friends even had some.

you invited (friend #1),(friend #2), and (friend #3) to celebrate your birthday with you. Of course, your family as well.

~*baby timeskip of Prussian awesomeness*~

so now it was time presents. one of your most favorite times of any birthday party.

"______~ open mine first~!" (friend #1) yelled. After that, all of your friends had a miniature fight of whose present you should open first. you sighed in defeat.

"OK! how about a little game of rock-paper-scissors?" you asked. they all reluctantly agree. Until your mom butted in.

"Or, she could open her parents first. After all, we are her familly," she gave you friends an intimidating stare. everybody gulped. "Right, _____~?" she suddenly asked.

you gave a shaky nod. then you father comes in the room with a Giant crate. you look at you parents curiously but hesitantly walk to the box, your fingers tracing the top. of the box.

after a couple minutes of examining the box, you decide to open the box. you gasp at whats inside.
Hey guys~!

i decided to start a Hetaloid x reader series~!
Hetaloid don't get enough love

i won't be doing any 2p's. for one, I don't have any idea of their peresonality and two, they creep me out...

Here's a list of what you could get out of the box.

Italy Hetaloid:…
Germany Hetaloid:…
Japan Hetaloid:…
America Hetaloid:…
England Hetaloid:…
China Hetaloid:…
Russia Hetaloid:…
France Hetaloid:…
Spain Hetaloid:…
Romano Hetaloid:…
Canada hetaloid:…
Poland Hetaloid:…
Lithuania Hetaloid:…
Estonia Hetaloid:…
Latvia Hetaloid:…
S.Korea Hetaloid:…
Prussia Hetaloid:…
Austria Hetaloid:…
Hong Kong Hetaloid:…
Denmark Hetaloid:…
Finland Hetaloid:…
Norway Hetaloid:…
Sweden Hetaloid:…
Iceland Hetaloid: Coming soon
Switzerland Hetaloid: Coming soon
Netherlands hetaloid: Coming soon
Greece Hetaloid: Coming soon
Turkey Hetaloid: Coming soon
Romania Hetaloid: Coming soon
Rome Hetaloid: Coming soon
Sealand Hetaloid : Coming soon
HRE Hetaloid: Coming soon
Male! Belarus Hetaloid: Coming soon
Male! Hungary Hetaloid: Coming soon
Seborga Hetaloid: Coming soon
Germania Hetaloid: Coming soon
Scotland Hetaloid: Coming soon

Requesting is now closed. Sorry this is all i can handle for one series.
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EvilAngel3 Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
NikoKarma Apr 7, 2014  New member

Also germania and prussia are both germany now...
can't wait for the next one most of the rest im good with :waiting: i will wait forever if i have to.
Dogwoods-Roses Mar 31, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
This made me think of the episode where Ellen Degeneres put one of Justin Bieber's biggest fan in a box and sent it to Justin as a surprise. Hilarious!
BTW this is such a cute story <3 
sonichetaliafan97 Mar 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
please do Germania
PunkEmoMetal Mar 15, 2014  Student Photographer
What do I do if I only have 2 friends? IM FOREVER ALONEEE
Britain-and-Paris Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
until you get a Hetaloid :3
PunkEmoMetal Mar 17, 2014  Student Photographer
Hahah, indeed. But that would be a little more than a friend. ;)
When will the next one be up? No pressuring you, I just wanna know
When I think of a plot line for the next one.
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