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August 13, 2013
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“Are you alright?” Another voice asks.

You turned around you couldn’t believe what you saw.

Wait, wait. This was the only cabin by this lake, there is no way another person, an handsome young man at that, would be in the lake at this time of night. Since you didn’t know what to say, you observed him closer. He had blond hair, with icy, intimidating blue eyes. You felt something hit your legs, and it didn’t feel like another pair of legs, It was a tail, an orange one at that, that seemed to be connected to the person in the water.

You tensed up and opened your mouth to scream, but he quickly covered your mouth.

“Don’t. Scream.” He said, It seemed strict and firm, but it seemed to crack just a tiny bit.

After a while, your tense body relaxed a little, causing the merman to slowly let go of you.

The silence seemed to get to you though. “My name is _____.” You said suddenly, your face going below the surface, but quickly coming back up, wiping away the hair in your face.

He glanced at you. Man, was his stare intimidating.

Then, there was silence.

“Ludwig...” He said “My name is Ludwig.”

You give him a small smile, then a small yawn escaped your lips. “Hey, it’s getting late, and I have to go before my parents notice.” You said, slowly swimming to the dock.

But just as you said it, you hear your mom call; “______?”

You quickly climb up and whisper to him with a smile, “See you tomorrow~!” Then you rushed off to your mother.

Ludwig hid in a spot where he could keep an eye on you, but no one could see him.

“___, your all wet...” He heard you mother say. “What happened?” She asked.

“Well...” You were thinking of a lie, while Ludwig was eyeing you suspiciously. Gosh, how could you even feel his stare?! “I was playing before it got dark, but then I got too close to the edge of the dock, so I fell in, then it got to this.” You let out a nervous chuckle, complete with a nervous smile.

Your mom gave you a stare of disbelief, but shook it all off. “Well, lets get you dried off and something warm to drink.” She said, ushering you inside the cabin.

Once you were both inside, Ludwig looked off in your direction, surprised you didn’t give your meeting with him away.

“____...” The name rolled off his tongue addictingly. “Fits her perfectly.” He said before diving into the lake below him.


The both of you have been meeting each other secretly each day after you met. Then of course, you both fell for eachother. Cheesy, right? But you were certainly not complaining.

This day was like the rest of them. You go meet him like every other day, but you had news this time.

“Hallo, ___.” Ludwig greeted you as you sat on the dock.

You smiled at him weakly. “Hi, Ludwig.” You said, though a hint of disappointment swam in your voice.

Ludwig seemed to notice it.”What's wrong, fraulein?” He asked.

You looked up at him, sadness filling your eyes. “We’re leaving tomorrow.” You muttered quietly. Loud enough for Ludwig to hear though.

Ludwig felt his heart shatter into a million peices, and then those million pieces into a million more. So in other words, the news devastated him. “Oh.” He responded lamley, slicking back his tamed hair.

“I’m sorry.” You said, before you rushed off. Tears brimming your eyes once you turned around. You wouldn’t let him see you in this state. It would make you seem weak... right?

You wept in your pillow. You didn’t want to leave him. Not in the slightest bit. You seemed to cry yourself to sleep after a few minutes

Little did you know, Ludwig didn’t want you to leave either. So he was going to do, what he thought could make you happy. So he swam to the deepest part of the lake.


You awoke to a bright light. Not sunlight, a bright light. You were curious, so why not check out this mysterious, blinding light? You look around the house to see if anything was the source of the light, but there was nothing. You looked out front, Your parents car was gone. They must’ve been startled by the light and left quickly.

Then finally, You look out to the lake. The light was coming from a certain spot in the lake, looked like a more deeper part of the lake. Then, the light goes out and a figure emerges at the top, floating to the shore, it doesn’t fall in and drown. You immediately run out to see what the figure was.

Once you reach the shore, your eyes widen in shock to see the familiar face of Ludwig. Except this time, he had a pair of legs... and was nude... and hot with his hair in his face.

A-Anyways, you lifted his arm over your shoulder and drag him back to the cabin, to get him warm and dry.

~* baby timeskip*~

You sat by the guest be where Ludwig rested. You dressed him in a male black tank top and some cargo pants that your father left behind. They seem to fit pretty nicely too.

You stared at him, letting your (e/c) eyes wonder his body. He was well built. Probably a strong man. You slowly grasp his hand. It was so warm and soft, you didn’t want to let go of it.

But, Ludwig chooses that moment to wake up, causing you to flinch back immediately, letting go of his hand.

Ludwig flutters his icy eyes open slowly, still groggy from sleep. He groans as he gets up, and then looks in your direction. Slowly remembering everything that happens, his eyes widen and he hugs on to you tightly.

Your cheeks brighten at the action, but you hugged him back, taking in his scent and warmth he gave off.

“____, Please don’t go.” He begged. You have never, in the time you have known him, heard him beg for anything. “I don’t want you to leave. Ich liebe dich, _____. Too much to let you go away”

You blushed a darker shade of red upon hearing that. One, that was out of character. Two, he loved you back, You squeezed him a little tighter. “I-I love you too, Ludwig...” You whisper back shyly.

Ludwig was so overwhelmed by happiness, he didn’t think of his next move.

So of course you were gonna be off guard when he kissed you. You immediately kissed back though. The kiss was sweet and gentle, but full of love the two of you shared. But the goddamn air pulls you apart.

You pant lightly while looking into Ludwig’s blue eyes, as he caressed your cheek gently, Pushing a lock of your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind your ear, smiling gently.

“Hey, Ludwig...”


“Do you know how to walk yet?”
THE NEXT ONE IS FINALLY HERE! :iconfinallyplz:

sorry for the long wait for this guys. I couldn't figure out what to write for this for a while.... and then my computer crashed... and now i'm posting this at 2 in the morning.

so anyways, I hope you enjoyed.

Picture made by the amazing :iconinushomarugama:

Story (c) hetafan123 [me]
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:

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