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“Are you alright?” Another voice asked.

You turned around and you couldn’t believe what you saw.

You didn’t know what to process at the moment so you just observed the person carefully. He had reddish brown hair, his eyes were half-lidded, but you could still see they were a beautiful honey brown. You felt something scaley slide on your left leg. You tense up and see a green tail attached to the waist of whom you’d now call a Merman.

Your eyes widen at the sight of the tail. The Merman starts worrying and hurries to swim towards you, placing a hand on your mouth.

“Please don’t scream, bella.” he said in a hushed voice, trying to prove he won’t hurt you.

you were tense for what felt like hours, then relax a bit. The Merman takes away his hand slowly to see if you would run off. But you didn’t.

“I’m sorry.” You said, looking away, you were tired, so you were tired, so staying above the water wasn’t an easy task at the moment, your mouth would often go under.

The merman gives you a confused look. “What are you sorry about, bella?” He asked.

“I probably scared you...” you said as you slowly swam to the ladder to clutch onto, the merman following you.

“My name is Feliciano.” The merman said, breaking the silence.

You smile at him. “Mine is _____.” You said. “Nice to meet you, Feliciano.”

Feliciano smiled brightly. Then a thought popped into his head.  “Hey, ____, may I see, um.... what are they called...” Feliciano said.

You chuckled. “Of course.” You said. You climbed the ladder. When you reached the dock, you placed your feet back into the water.

Feliciano grabbed your right foot gently and curiously, observing it left to right to left, top to bottom.

“____, what are these?” Feliciano asked, grabbing one of your toes.

“Those are called toes, though I’m not sure what they're used for.” you said, wiggling the ones on your free foot.

“_____?” You hear your mother call.

“I Gotta go.” You said in a hushed tone. “See you tomorrow?”

Feliciano nodded quickly, you smiled. “See ya then” you said.

You quickly ran to your mother. Feliciano watching you.

“Oh, ____, you're all wet.” Your mother complained.

“Well...” You tried to come up with an excuse, Feliciano worried of what you’d say next. “I was looking at the stars so I rolled around to see more of them, but I fell into the water.” You said.

Your mother gave a look like she didn’t believe you but sighed it off. “Well lets get you dried off and to bed, I don’t want you getting sick.” Your mothers said.

“Yes mom.” you responded.

Feliciano was shocked. You didn’t rat him out? But why? He swam back down to bottom of the lake where his friends were.

“Feliciano! Where were you?” He heard his friend, Ludwig call. His icy eyes fuming with rage and worry.

“Yes, me and Ludwig were worried.” His other friend, Kiku said. His emotionless brown eyes also showing some worry.

“I was, um... taking a swim.” Feliciano said. He was terrible at lying, so he didn't expect his friends to believe, but he had some hope.

“You were at the surface again weren’t you?” Ludwig asked, annoyance clear in his voice.

“Maybe...” Feliciano hesitantly admitted.

“Feliciano, we know you’re curious about what goes on up there, but you could get caught, and that could put us all in danger.” Kiku said strictly.

“Yes sir.” Feliciano said disappointedly.

“Gut, now lets go to sleep, it's late.” Ludwig said. Both Kiku and Feliciano nodded.

~*Timeskip brought to you pasta~*

You and Feliciano have been secretly seeing each other everyday of that summer. You two have grown to love each other, of course none of you would admit it. The one day, something happened

“It’s so nice talking to you, bella.” Feliciano said with a smile.

You smile back. “Same with you, Feli.”

“Feliciano, how many times have I told you not to-” Another merman came up, he had blond hair with striking, and intimidating blue eyes. He was glaring at Feliciano, but then turned his attention to you. “Who is she?” he asked agitated.

You were too intimidated to answer. So Feliciano answered for you.

“T-This is _-_______.” He said meekly.

“She’s a human!” He said hastily. You flinch back at his words.

“______, What’s going on?” Your mother calls, Feliciano dives under the water after the other merman.

“Nothing mother.” You said. Ludwig and Feliciano listening carefully and silently, Kiku joining their side soon after.

“I thought I heard voices out here.” She said, looking around for something.

“I was just talking to myself is all.” You lied, the line easily coming off of your tongue.

“Alright, I came out here to let you know that your father and I are leaving early.” She said.

“Why?” You asked.

“Your father got called to go to work early, as you know I have to go with him.” Mother said.

Your face fell. “Ok.” Your parent were part of the military, so it broke your heart when they had to leave, but they needed to serve their country.

When she left you sighed and sat back down on the dock, playing with the water with your toes.

“Bella?” you looked up and saw Feliciano with the guy before and another one with jet black hair and chocolate orbs.

“Oh, hi Feli.” You said.

“What's wrong?” The black haired merman said.

“Its nothing.” You said with a fake smile. You saw your parents car drive away from the cabin. You sighed. and looked away from the driveway.

“My name is Kiku.” The black haired merman said.

You looked up confused. “Wha?”

“Ja, und I’m Ludwig.” the blond one said.

“Yay~! Now the bella ragazza is introduced to everyone~!” Feliciano cheered.

“I don’t get it.” you said.

“You seem to be a trustable human, since you didn’t tell your mother about us, so we trust you with our names.” Ludwig said.

You smile a tiny smile. But it quickly disappears. “It was nice meeting guys but I need to go back inside, it looks like its going to rain soon.” you said.

“Arrivederci~!” Feliciano said as you walked to the house.

“I like her, she seems kind and trustable.” Kiku said.

“Ja.” Ludwig agreed.

Feliciano looked to the direction of your cabin with a dreamy look. Ludwig and Kiku notice this. Soon enough it starts raining, and the go back under the water.

“So it seems you’ve taken a liking to ____-san, Feliciano-kun?” Kiku asked.

Feliciano blushed but nodded. “Though its more than like...” He said.

Ludwig and Kiku glance each other and gave a quick nod. “Feliciano-kun, I have a friend who might help you but you have to listen carefully.” Kiku said, leading Feliciano to a different location, into the deeper parts of the lake.

~*To You*~

Crying. That’s what you did when you went into your room. It wasn’t fair. They would alway take away your parents at the worst times.

You almost cried yourself to sleep if you didn’t see something come from the water. It was a glowing green light, you were attracted to it like a moth to a flame. So, you grabbed a jacket and go outside to get a better look at what's going on.

You mentally slapped yourself as you realized you didn’t have a boat. But you saw three figures pop out of the water, one seemingly gasping for air.

You stood at the edge of the infamous dock. You then realize the figures were swimming towards you, and you could now see that the three figures were Feliciano, Ludwig, and Kiku.

Once they reached the dock, Feliciano was passed out with Kiku and Ludwig holding onto him. They give you a look, you couldn’t explain.

“Take good care of him, _____-san.” Kiku said, as they offer him to you. You look at them confused but take him anyways.

You were completely and utterly shocked.

Feliciano had legs complete with feet. You look to Ludwig and Kiku for an answer but they were already gone.

You shook all thoughts off and hurried him into your cabin to dry him off and put some clothes on.

~*Mini Timeskip*~

You were sitting at the bedside you placed Feliciano in. Luckley, you dad forgot some clothes so you clothed him in a dark blue button-up long sleeved shirt, light jeans and underwear. It seemed to fit him okay, now you were just waiting for him to wake up.

Bored, you start stroking his hair, avoiding his curl. You then kiss his forehead and a small smile forms on his face. His eyes slowly flutter open and he yawns. You pull your hand away quickly.

“______?” He says confused out loud, he then looks at his new pair of feet, wriggles his toes and then smiled widely. “________! It worked! I’m human! I can finally....” Feliciano’s words wandered off as he stared into your beautiful (e/c) eyes, and you stare into his dazzling honey brown.

instinctively you two lean in to fill in the gap between the both of you and place each others lips onto the others. What started as a gentle, loving kiss, quickly turned into a passionate, and wanting kiss.  But we do need air. that son of a bitch.

“Ti amo, ______.” Feliciano said, resting his forehead on yours.

“I love you too, Feli.” You said, smiling.

“Hey, Feli.”


“I’m glad you pulled me into the water that day.”
Well, this is longer than what I usually write, but I hope it's better as well~! :dummy:

The picture does not belong to me.

story (c) :iconhetafan123:
You (c) :iconcuteitalyplz:

thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed~!

Intro: [link]
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JustADeaviant Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
“I was just talking to myself is all.” You lied, the line easily coming off of your tongue.

“Alright, I came out here to let you know that your father and I are leaving early.” She said.

Wolfzy87 Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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awww cute
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next thing you know he gets out of bed and trip over his own two feet.  ( After all he just got them and has to practice using them)
owlscavenger Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
damn air! that SOB! XD
Cinnamon-Badass Featured By Owner May 1, 2015
xD This probably would have ended up differently for me.
I have the craziest fear of the ocean.
If its dark, there might be a shark.
Is what I keep telling myself. xD
22WC22 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, this is set at a lake, not an ocean.
Cinnamon-Badass Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
*Sigh* Thanks for pointing that out.

That makes everything so much better.
hetaliaqueen12 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
Your short story is amazingly well written it was a tad bit confusing at the start but it flowed nicely. I truly enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!!!!!!^_^
hetafan123 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
Thank you so much~!
hetaliaqueen12 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
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This right here * points to fan fic* is Little Mermaid in a nutshell, whether it was meant to be or not. lol ^^
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But it was super cute
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WAIT, Italy didn't have clothes on!!!:heartyfaint:
"what are they called...” Feliciano said. "The Little Mermaid"!!~
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KYAAA~!!! I can't wait for the new ones!
o0DramaticUsername0o Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
'...avoiding his curl.' There should be a sequel where if you yank the curl he turns back into a merman. But that's just a thought. .-.
PickleQueenOfNinjas Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
There should.
TerraAreli Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
merman~ *kiss* human 
*yank* merman
*kiss* human

Feli: -@ name please stop i'm getting dizzy 
Ha! That would be a good idea. XD
Romacat Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Aww this was sweet! And Ludwig and Kiku were supportive friends willing to help him be with reader even if it meant him leaving them.
Floridadaawesome Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
what if it wasn't him that pulled you down? ha ha I would be terrified! 
TheDevilsProxy Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh god what if it was FRANCE
Floridadaawesome Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
ah! no! 
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*falls to ground from imaging if it was him what he was going to do*
Nuuuuuuuuu my mind broke from the thought of that!!
*slowly starts to die*
Floridadaawesome Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
 ha ha 
TheDevilsProxy Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Danke, danke, you are almost az awesome az ze awesome Preußen
Emberelf14 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
*Cue Mermaid! Pern doing a almost spit take* Pern: MY YOUNGER BROTHER DID WHAT NOW?!*Begins cursing in a multitude of languages*
Merman! Wheatley: Calm down luv, your going to regret this in a few hours. *Watches her for a bit* And your not calming down, Ember what should we do?
Me: Simple *Hits Pern with something* CALM DOWN WOMAN YOUR BROTHER IS GOING TO BE FINE!!!
Amar8910 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
meowkatie Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
But we do need air. that son of a bitch.
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But we do need air. that son of a bitch.

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How did you get that picutre?w
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Me: Air you are my enemy 
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Tehe inside joke that i just thought i post to make everyone's another one... your like a light switch! Well your like a kid!
livefree33 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Filmographer
Erm ma gerd the master mind of brain games has been fooled! How did ye do this to the great and powerul one?! And whom may this person be!?
TheBTTownME Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
My name..awesomeness...and i dont give way my secrets.. 
livefree33 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Filmographer

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livefree33 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Student Filmographer
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I was laughing the entire time picturing all the Hetalians as dancing mermaids  
moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Orange-Flamethrower Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
aaaaaawwwww oh my god this is so cute <3
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