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July 29, 2013
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20 Theme Challenge

Theme: Protector

Germany x Reader

"_____, I'm telling you, It's not safe to go out there at this time." You hear Your friend, Ludwig call.

You turn around and give him a reassuring smile. "I'll be ok. Promise." You said the smile not faltering. "Besides the date isn't to far from here."

Your friend, Elizabeta, set you up on a blind date because "Its that time in your life you've found the love of your life." She said to you.

Ludwig placed a hard look in his icy blue eyes and looked at you. "Still, at this time of night, you don't know who'll be out there." He said firmly. "So I'm offering to drive you there." He said

Your cheeks tinted a light pink. "That's sweet, Ludwig." You said with a light chuckle escaping your lips. "But I have to decline. Sorry." To tell the truth, you really wanted to stay with Ludwig. You've had a crush on this German since he transferred here in his freshman year of high school. He decided to stay in (Country) after graduation. Thus you and him becoming friends along the way.

Ludwig sighed in defeat as you walked out of the door. He would've said, I don't want you dating a person you don't know. You should date me. But, he was pretty sure you didn't feel the same way, so he kept quiet.

But an idea popped into his head, and he put on his black combat boots, slipped on a jacket, slicked back the loose strands of his blond hair, and headed out the door.

You and your date met at the restaurant as planned. Your date's name was Francis Bonnefoy as you learned. You got an uncomfortable vibe from him, but decided to ignore it.

The date went pretty well besides the awkward pauses here and there. As you walked out of the restaurant, you failed to notice Ludwig standing in the corner. Watching.

"Ma cherie, Thank you for the wonderful evening." Francis said, as he gently took a hold of your hand and kissed the knuckle softly. Jealousy boiled in Ludwig. He wanted go out there, punch Francis, and take you away like nothing happened. But he needed to stay hidden.

Your cheeks go a bright shade of pink and gently pull out of his grasp. "It's no problem." You say shyly.

Francis' lips formed into a smile, that soon turns into a lustful smirk. "Say, why don't I take you to my place?" He suddenly asked, his voice a tone lower, huskier.

You blushed and shake your head. "I'd promise my mom I'd be back home before midnight." You lied. You glanced at your watch. 11:30. Good, you had thirty minutes to go tell Ludwig you were ok.

Ludwig observed the scene closely. Ready to step in if anything happens.

Your comment seems to only irritate Francis a little. "You can be a few hours late, hm?" He said grabbing your arm forcefully, you start struggling. wow, did you really walk that far?

"Stop!" You suddenly say. "I don't know what your doing... But I don't like it!" You attempts becoming more powerful to get out of his grasp. But it only became tighter.

"I like your looks." He said in a monotone voice. "I also like your will-power..." He then pulled you into an instant embrace, his mouth closing the distance between your ear and his lips. "I want to make it mine." He whispered seductively. His embrace now an iron grip.

You were scared out of your mind. "HELP!" You unconsciously screamed. "SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!" This only angered Francis. So, what did he do? Put a cloth cover in chemicals to knock you out.

Francis was successful, then, guess who appeared.

The almighty Ludwig Beilshmidt!

"Drop the girl." He said. Francis smirked.

"So, you must be her boyfriend or something." he said, as if that bored him. Ludwig's face turned a scarlet red upon hearing the word 'boyfriend' but soon regained his composure. "Don't worry, shes a boring person anyway. Au revoir." he waved off, dropping your limp body, though Ludwig did catch it before you hit the concrete.

Ludwig huffed. "Told you so." He murmured before carrying you back to his place.


You woke in a soft, comfy bed, with a pair of arms around you and your face in that person's chest.

then the events of last night suddenly flooded back into your mind like a flood.

Your eyes widen. Not sure if this is Francis, or some creep that saved you from him. You slowly lifted your head to see the sleeping face of no one other than Ludwig. You felt your cheeks get warm, but it felt... nice.

You felt him shift and you abruptly closed your eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Ludwig's eyes opened slowly to see you "sleeping" form. He smiled at how peaceful your face looked. he then rested his face in your hair.

Ludwig was not one to show affectionate gestures. So this was strange for you.

"Ludwig?" you asked sleepily. oh, that's right, you just woke up.

A blush formed on Ludwig's face and he gently pushed away from you. The strong arms that ave you warmth disappeared from your waist, giving you a chill.

"Ah, s-s-sorry ____." he stuttered.



Ludwig Beilshmidt... Stuttered?

You huffed, missing the warmth Ludwig emitted to you moments before. "You were right." you muttered.


"About going out on my own." You admitted. Your heart kept beating faster and faster. You wanted to confess right now, but He took care of that for you. His lips danced onto yours suddenly, taking you by surprise, but you did kiss back.

Ludwig's face was becoming more and more scarlet. He held onto you to hold you closer. He wanted the moment to last forever.

But the damn air always intrudes, doesn't it?

You pulled away panting lightly. Smiling at the German that laid next you.

"Ich liebe dich." he whispered, his face nuzzling into your neck. "I don't know what i would do if i lost you."

"Ich liebe dich auch." you said snuggling into the German's chest.

The rest of the world seemed to fade away as were held by the arms of your protector.
well. theme #1...
with an ooc Germany... :iconiggysulkplz:

But i hope you enjoyed. It feels like forever since I've written something. :iconpuppywantplz:

Story (c) :iconhetafan123:
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
picture is not mine.

Thank you for reading~!
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Awe I kill France then more awwwws
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You are amazing >w< I have a lot to learn from you ^_^
nikkyrod2 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
While I am slightly upset that you put France in the typical "extreme-love" box, the story was very well written and I loved when Germany protected Reader- chan. People depicting France like that has always just been a pet peeve of mine. After all one of his quotes is even "Love isn't something you should force on people." So other than that amazing story! I loved it. :)
LunaMoonWolf00 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah and that is why his 2p is a rapist, because the 2p's are the opposites of the original countries. So that just proves that while he may make moves on a lady he will not rape her.
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FRANCIS YOU PERV. wait I always knew that. I knew he would try to rape somebody
Ludw-.... Germany, thank you for saving me Huggle! 
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 Happy emoticon hahahaahahahah that dirty francis is gone if it were me getting rid of him i would
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1) why francis ?
2)how did i end up in ludwigs bed?
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5)thats how much i loved it ^
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you must've really loved him to take the time to do all that
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